How to order

Ordering information

Prices and VAT

Customers in Sweden: Pay SEK 1700, plus SEK 102 for moms (VAT, 6 %). Your moms is refundable.

Customers in other countries: Pay EUR 190 or USD 220 or SEK 1700. In this case INFORMEX does not charge any VAT, but at least in the EU you may be required to pay it to your national tax office. Note that if you pay by credit card the cost is USD 230 per book.

Note that the prices above include postage and handling. These normally amount to EUR 20-30 for international customers for this 2.4 kg book.


For booksellers, we offer a substantial discount when buying more than one book. Contact us for information.

For non-profit organizations, students or private persons, we offer a discounted price of EUR 140 or USD 160 (add EUR 10 or USD 10 if paying by bank check or credit card).

Contact us for an offer in case you consider ordering 5 books or more (we have very favourable deals for university courses).

How to order and pay (preferred alternatives)

Step 1 - Order: You may order by sending our special Ordering Form to INFORMEX by e-mail, mail or by fax. For example, you may just put the Ordering Form page in your fax machine without any cover page.  Then go to Step 2 below. 
Note: You may download the
Ordering Form page from here.

Step 2 - Payment: Make an electronic funds transfer to one of our bank accounts specified on the Ordering Form (if in Sweden you make a deposit to Swedish bankgiro). Make sure to choose the specified bank account which is intended for the currency of your choice.
The bank SWIFT address (BIC according to ISO 9362) is DABASESX. The SWIFT system has been used for some 20 years now, so this money transfer system should not be complicated anywhere.
Bank account numbers and other bank details are presented on the ordering form.
If your bank recognizes the IBAN bank account system (ISO 13616), this may be the best alternative (see the Ordering form). Almost all European countries recognize the IBAN system and some other countries do it as well.

Note 1 - Bank transfer fees: Customers within the EU can from 1 July 2003 benefit from very low bank transfer fees, provided you pay in Euros and that you report our bank SWIFT address (see above) and/or our IBAN number (see our ordering form) to your bank. This is in accordance with Regulation No. 2560/2001 of the European parliament and the Council on crossborder payments in Euros.

Note 2 - Indicate your ordering number: In order to make sure that your order form is connected with the correct bank transfer we suggest that you clearly indicate your ordering number (or your name) in your bank transfer, for example as "XX books – Order # 3ST678".
WARNING: We have received some payments by bank transfer that we have had a lot of problems to identify, since there was no identification connected to it (just the bank’s name). Please make sure that your bank identifies the payment with your name and/or some ordering number as suggested above.

Bank information

Although it may not seem so to everyone, the information about account and bank address that is on the Ordering Form is sufficient in order to send the money. Most of the payments we have received have been made based on this information only. Nevertheless, some banks ask for more information about our bank. If you need this, do not hesitate to contact us at

How to order (on-line, credit card alternative)

We accept some major credit cards. Go to our credit card page and follow the instructions. Ordering and payment are then integrated.

WARNING: Please do not send us your credit card details by e-mail or fax. Your credit card payment can only be made on-line on the secure PayPal server. If you send us your credit card information via e-mail, this creates a risk for you, since e-mails can be picked-up by unauthorized persons.

How to order (from a bookseller or other company in your own country)

This may be a preferred alternative for customers who have a problem to purchase books directly from the publisher in a foreign country. See the special page “Order from Bookseller”. Contact us for information about booksellers that we have as customers. There is some important information on this page!

Payment with a bank check?

We do not always accept payment by bank check, but in cases where the customer has no good alternative (DoT:s and similar in the U.S.A. are examples of this), we may accept it. If you prefer to pay with a bank check, contact us first in order to agree on this alternative. Our bank charges approximately EUR 17 for cashing most bank checks, so we will always add EUR 10 or USD 10 to any payment with bank check.


As soon as we have received BOTH your Ordering Form and the payment, or received on on-line order/payment, we will mail the book to you. The mail delivery takes about 5-20 days within Europe and 10-25 days outside Europe (normally about three weeks to for example Japan, Australia and USA). In Japan and North America, we can offer faster delivery, see the page “Order from Bookseller”. If the delivery is more urgent than indicated, contact us before ordering (we must then charge you the extra cost). Along with the book you will find in the package a receipt saying that you have paid the book.

If you have any problem to order in this way, do not hesitate to contact us for a solution.

INFORMEX reg. n:r (Sweden): 05 916694-8605 01
 INFORMEX VAT Number (EU): SE916694860501


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