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Links to the organizations where Sandberg and Ejsmont work:

VTI - English version (Prof Sandberg works here 80 % of full time)
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Linkoping, Sweden

VTI - Svensk version (same as above but in Swedish)

Chalmers (Prof Sandberg works here 20 % of full time)
Chalmers University of Technology - Applied Acoustics, Gothenburg, Sweden

TUG (Prof Ejsmont works here 100 %)
Technical University of Gdansk (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Gdansk, Polan

Some reports by the authors that are possible to download from the web:

Noise emission of road vehicles - Effect of regulations - Final report by the I-INCE working party on noise emission of road vehicles
Vägytans inverkan på trafikbulleremissionen – korrektionstabell för effektsambandsmodeller
Road surface influence on traffic noise emission - correction table for prediction models (in Swedish but with English summary and captions)
Tyre/Road Noise - Myths and Realities (plenary paper at INTER-NOISE 2001)
Noise emission, friction and rolling resistance of car tires (paper at Noise-Con 2000)

Note that the latter two can be downloaded as full reports in pdf format by clicking the link at the bottom of each page that opens up

The Multi-Coincidence Peak around 1000 Hz in Tyre/Road Noise Spectra”, by Ulf Sandberg, Chalmers & VTI. This refers to Chapter 7.1.25 in the book. This is important!

A brand new paper “The road to quiter tires”; an 8-page article by Ulf Sandberg originally published in Tire Technology International '03, pp 126-133. This is a pdf file 109 kB, which can be downloaded via this link. Photos and figures in the above article are of poor quality in the pdf file but are available in better resolution in this file: Figure supplement pdf file 1 219 kB, 7 pages Note that these files are locked (may be watched on screen, saved to disk and printed out only) and if you want to copy anything from these files you must contact Ulf Sandberg (and specify your reason).
Link to the publisher's website

See also the page “Errata & Supplements” where we have added links for downloading of some documents referred to in the book.

General information:

Literature database “Transguide

Very informative general article about tyre/road noise in popular style: Treading lightly - feature article April 2003 by Paul Sharke in the Mechanical Engineering Magazine

See also the page “Errata & Supplements” where we have added links for downloading of some documents referred to in the book.

In particular we recommend that you explore our new information about the great Dutch IPG and WnT research programmes, see this link: Dutch IPG and WnT research programmes

Friends of INFORMEX that should be of interest to the readers:

SilentRoads - Dutch site with very comprehensive information on primarily low noise road surfaces - Polish site (partly in Polish partly in English) containing information of all kinds about road construction and characteristics

Neue Reifenzeitung (Tyre Market) - A site about tyres with interesting technical news from the industry and elsewhere, both in English and German

Lodilo - Translation service English-Swedish-German and vice versa, based in Linköping, Sweden. Staff formerly working with tyre/road noise at VTI; thus Lodilo can handle this technical terminology perfectly

Marshall Day Acoustics - Consulting company with main offices in Australia and New Zealand. Having visited their Melbourne office for several days, this author (Sandberg) knows that Marshall Day Acoustics has a high competence in road traffic noise and has learnt a lot from the Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book. Contact person: Mr Neil Huybregts

Scantek, Inc., Sound & Vibration Instrumentation and Engineering - A worldwide leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, calibration, and rental. Led by Richard J. Peppin, President, the company is based in Columbia, Maryland, USA. Mr Peppin is highly respected for his competence and committment always to provide excellent equipment and service.


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