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General information

Some customers have internal regulations making it difficult or impossible to buy a book directly from a publisher in a foreign country. They need to buy the book from a bookseller in their own country. This would normally be a little more expensive than buying directly from us, but it need not be so since we offer booksellers a certain discount if they buy more than one book each time.

Warning: We have heard of one case when the customer had to pay his bookseller EUR 450 for one book and another case when the customer paid EUR 333 (our price is EUR 190). Including VAT in the customers’ country, it would have been a total of EUR 201 if buying from us. Thus, when buying from the bookseller, in these cases the customer had to pay 65-125 % more than if making it directly from us. But we have also heard of cases where the bookseller price has been the same as our price and some other cases with a very reasonable extra charge. Therefore, make sure you know the price before you order!

Informex does not have formal liaisons with booksellers, but we have booksellers in some countries as customers whom we have great confidence in. Such countries include for example Denmark, France, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom and the USA. We would be glad to send you the address to such a bookseller in your country if you contact us and request it.

Below, you will find booksellers and other companies with whom we have had a lot of business and who might even have a book in store.

United Kingdom

We have good experience with one bookseller, but another (a major) bookseller has meant a lot of trouble to us, which has caused exceptionally long delays in delivery of the book to the customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend U.K. customers to contact us for advice before ordering from a bookseller.


Customers in the U.S.A. have the extra option of buying our book from the following U.S. company, which always has a number of books available:

Richard J. Peppin, President
Scantek, Inc., Sound & Vibration Instrumentation and Engineering
7060 #L Oakland Mills Rd.
Columbia, MD 21046 (U.S.A.)
Telephone: 410 290 7726      Telefax: 410 290 9167       E-mail:

This means that in principle you can pay to Scantek too. If you prefer to buy the book in this way, send your order to INFORMEX as usual, but request that the book be delivered by Scantek. Tell us also if you prefer to pay to Scantek or directly to us. Delivery in North America may be speeded up at least a week if you buy from Scantek. Through Scantek you are charged no more than directly from us, except shipping.


We are pleased to recommend the following bookseller in Japan (they should most of the time have one book in storage so they can deliver to Japanese customers within a few days):

NEUTRINO INC. ************************
Takahashi Bldg., 1-44-3 Fuda, Chofu-shi,
Tokyo 182-0024 Japan
TEL: +81 424 84 5550 FAX: +81 424 84 5556
tokyo@neutrino.co.jp (refer to Sales Department)

Note to booksellers: If you would like to be listed here, please feel free to contact us to discuss the matter.


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