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Excerpt from Noise/News International, 2002 September issue, pages 109-110

"This book is a very comprehensive survey of all aspects of noise generated by tyre/road noise. It will be of interest to experienced tyre/road noise researchers, beginners who are new to the subject, the general public concerned with vehicle noise, and those in public office who are in a position to control the source of noise through regulations."

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Noise and Vibration Worldwide, January 2003 edition, by Dr Geoff Leventhall

“This book by two renowned experts in tyre noise, published through their own company INFORMEX, is so beautifully produced that they must also be considered as experts in book production.  Every page contains some visual interest. The two column, easy-read layout is complemented by coloured figures, photographs and diagrams to an extent which is unusual in a technical book at this level, but which is very welcome, adding further interest to the technical material.

Ulf Sandberg is a Senior Research Scientist at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) in Linkoping and is also  Adjunct Professor in Tyre Road Noise at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.  Jerzy Ejsmont is Professor and Head of the Heavy Machinery Group at the Technical University, Gdansk, Poland. Together they have produced a unique and comprehensive survey of tyre noise, the embodiment of their 20 years cooperation, based mainly on their own work but supplemented where necessary by the work of others. Thus they describe the book as a state of the art presentation rather than a literature review. The authors ease the path through the book for groups of different expertise by suggesting priority sections, depending on the reader's background. For example, existing experts will dip into the book to look up subjects of current interest, whilst beginners, general interest readers and decision makers are directed to appropriate sections.  There are few equation in the book, making it suitable for all levels of reader.

More than 30 chapters cover basic sound and noise, historical perspectives, relation between the vehicle and its tyre noise, sources and generating mechanisms, emission data, influence on noise of the driver, tyre parameters, road surface, environmental parameters and vehicle construction, measurement standards and methods, noise reduction by tyre design or road surface construction both now and in the future and much more.

After first reading, the book was tested out as an information source through use of its index.  For example, randomisation of tyre tread led to a number of pages of useful information, as did road surface, regulations, directivity, gradient, stiffness and many other dips into the index. The book is "alive" in the sense that the INFORMEX web page, <>, gives updates to errata with promises of other enhancements.

This book is strongly recommended for those at all levels of interest in tyres, roads and their interaction. It brings together a wealth of information from a wide range of sources, combining them in one volume as a time-saving and convenient source for today's reader, whilst about 25 pages of references open the door to further information.”

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Excerpt from the journal Acoustics Australia, Vol. 31 August (2003) No. 2, page 78

Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book
Ulf Sandberg and Jerzy Ejsmont

Publisher and distributor: Informex Ejsmont & Sandberg Handelsbolag, Harg, SE 59040 Kisa, Sweden, Price EUR 190 or USD 230  or, 640 pages, hard cover, ISBN 91 631 2610 9.

The engine and exhaust noise of cars has been reduced significantly with time and the information in this book shows there is great scope for the reduction of the road/tyre noise. The quality of the content in this book is a reflection of the devotion to the subject by the authors.  It is truly a reference book representing the state of the knowledge on the topic.

The book itself is easy to read with clear print, good quality paper, excellent diagrams and photos, most of which are in colour.  The list of contents is very detailed making it easy for the reader to find just the topic they are seeking.  The first three chapters deal with introduction and basic concepts of sound and noise and occupy only 20 pages.  The remainder of the book is focused on tyres, roads and the interaction between the two.  There are even chapters indicating futuristic tyres and road surfaces which could be developed to further reduce noise.

The book is truly a great achievement and the title of reference book is most appropriate.  Anyone with even a passing interest in traffic noise would find the content fascinating and the book hard to put down. It is certainly a book that should be in every office and library where there is any involvement in road traffic noise.

Marion Burgess 

Marion Burgess is a Research Officer in the Acoustics and Vibration Unit of UNSW at ADFA, Canberra.

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