What two expert reviewers say

What a renowned road and tyre expert says about the book

"I have had the opportunity of becoming intimately familiar with this book prior to its publication when I reviewed and proof read the draft manuscript. My overall impressions are that the book is both comprehensive and extremely detailed. It covers all the issues that I would have expected to find in such a book that deals with what is a substantial and complex topic. Furthermore it addresses both tyre and road aspects of the subject so that it will be appealing to those in the tyre as well as the road industries.
         Throughout the book the technical content is of a very high standard indeed. The authors have made it clear where they have made their own comments and opinions and where the sources of the technical content were taken. It is apparent that the explanations and discussions throughout reflect the extensive experience and expertise of both authors.
         There is no doubt in my mind that the book brings together a wealth of information of which much has hitherto been available in a range of most diverse sources. As such it makes a substantial contribution to existing technology and sets some courses for the future. It is a most useful book.
         The book fills a type of void in knowledge about tyre/road noise and I think many who read it will wonder why such a book has not been available until now."

Dr Stephen E Samuels
PhD, M Eng Sci, BE, FIEAust, MAAS, MASA

About the reviewer:

Initially working in the Australian Tyre Industry, Dr Samuels was seconded to Monash University in Melbourne where he gained a M Eng Sci degree for research on tyre noise generation. From there he spent 15 years undertaking research mainly on tyre, road and traffic noise issues at the Australian Road Research Board. In 1988, he gained a PhD for work on traffic noise prediction modelling from the University of Newcastle in Australia.
       For a period Dr Samuels served as Head of Transport Engineering and Senior Lecturer at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales. He still holds a position there as a Visiting Research Fellow.
         Dr Samuels has also worked for some time in the acoustic and environmental consultancy industry and is now a Director of TEF Consulting (Traffic, Environmental and Forensic Engineers) located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Dr Samuels has gained a lifelong specialist experience focused on noise and other characteristics of road surfaces but has also worked with tyre and vehicle issues. His publications in this area are numerous. Dr Samuels’ contact details are as follows:
www.tefconsult.com.au                                                                         E-mail: s.s@tefconsult.com.au

What another renowned road and tyre expert says about the book

"This book is a very valuable reference work, arising from the expertise and experience of the authors. Their links with research oriented organisations have enabled them to access the work from the distant past to the present, of tyre, vehicle and road laboratories round the world. They have clearly distinguished between the referenced works and their opinions on them. Through a connection with International Standards Committees, they have been able to learn of both existing and forthcoming legislation. The complexity of the tyre noise excited by the interaction of the tread pattern with road surface texture has been well covered and consequently this reference book deserves to be on the bookshelf of all those continuing to lead this subject forward."

Dr John  C. Walker
PhD. CPhys. MinstP.

About the reviewer:

Dr Walker’s working life was in the Tyre Industry, starting on the subject of Tyre/Road Noise in 1948, in Dunlop Research Centre in Birmingham, UK. Although studying other tyre physical phenomena, he retained a strong interest in noise and through work on this he was awarded a PhD in 1981 from Aston University, with the thesis on “Noise Generated at the Tyre/Road Interface”. He continued further Tyre/Noise research until he retired in 1991 as a Principal Physicist. He was an expert on Tyre/Road noise and has given many papers on the subject with equal emphasis on Tyre and Road Surfaces. Contact details are:


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