The Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book now in more than 40 countries!

Some statistics that may illustrate the current interest in tyre/road noise:

By 31 December 2003 about 420 books had been distributed worldwide (17 months after publication).
The book had been sold to 40 countries; on all continents (except Antarctica).
One national road administration purchased 10 books but recently announced that they want 10 more
Another national road administration has purchased 22 books
 One tyre company has purchased 5 books

The Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book awarded a quality prize!

The book has been awarded the 2003
"Polish Minister of  Science and Education Prize" (“first prize”).

Every year the Minister grants prizes to single researchers or scientific teams in Poland that have accomplished the most valuable scientific achievements. Those achievements must be well documented and present long lasting value for science and preferably also for society.

Read more here: http://www.vti.se/info/fonyhet/edetalj.asp?RecID=2895

Update made on 15 January 2004:

Some new links to downloadable documents were introduced; see “Links & Reports to download” on the menu at the left. Further, a couple of statements from new customers were added, as well as a new book review published in Acoustics Australia. Finally, some additions were made on the Errata & Supplements page. Among the new documents we would like to mention especially two papers about the great Dutch research programmes “IPG” and “Roads to the Future”.

Update made on 15 September 2003:

Some outdated detail information was updated on various pages; mainly related to information on how to order and pay for the book. The Credit Card Payment page has been remade and more options added. The book price when paid in US dollars has been reduced by USD 10 in order to adjust it better to the current exchange rate betwen EUR and USD.

Update made on 6 July 2003:

New information on possibility to buy the book in the the USA. Feedback from customers has been extended. Discount to non-profit organizations or groups or students is specified.

Update made on 1 June 2003:

The paper “The Multi-Coincidence Peak around 1000 Hz in Tyre/Road Noise Spectra”, see the “links” page, has been reloaded. This version is a slightly corrected version in relation to the paper appearing at the Euro-Noise 2003 conference. If you have the original version, please replace with this one.

We have added several new links on the links page that we believe that the visitors will appreciate.

The price of the book when paying in our basic currencies, the EUR and the SEK, is unchanged. However, due to the decline in value of the USD in relation to the EUR and SEK, we have had to increase the price when paying in USD.

There is new information about how to order and pay for the book, for example both good and bad news about buying from booksellers.

Future updates:

We might later offer book owners some special favours, like nice tyre/road noise screensavers and access to the full reference list.

So, please come back and check our page now and then.


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